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Hi, I am Daysy,


I am an International/Editorial Photographer... and very important to mention: I am a Brazilian and Bossa Nova Lover :)

I am the eyes and mind behind the lens, and I love it not because I am camera shy! But because I like to surprise people when they see how good they can look just by being themselves and how beautiful their life histories are! I love to interact with everyone and create an image that will keep memories of different events like they happened just the other day, and to know I have helped to write some important piece of their life story. I am a passionate artist from my childhood and this passion still keeps growing because I believe that I can make a difference in people’s lives!

- I believe in love at first sight (so says my husband)
- Cuddles can be cure for toddlers tamtrums (at least I try with my kids)
- I also believe that dreams come true
- Life can be drama free
- Everyone should be treated equally and
- And hard work pays off!


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